Hey there, I'm Alexa from Germany and I like gay stuff and cosplay. This tumblr is for photos of my costumes and WIP pics.

My current project is Suzaku Kururugi from Codes Geass

I mostly cosplay dudes so I'm sorry for the lack of boobs.

My fandom blog: theloudestnoise.tumblr.com

Have a nice day :)

How to fake a burn scar: the broke cosplayer way!

Hello you guys! 

Tomorrow I’m going to cosplay Mello from Death Note. Faking his scar was one of the more important things to me, since it makes him the badass he is.

But because I’m a poor student and cosplayer, I looked for a way to fake a scar extremely cheaply. And I did! The internet is pure magic.


It just takes around 10 minutes and around 70 ct (like, european cent, but you know what I mean) to fake this pretty mean burn scar. 

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